About Andrew


Weddings are my jam.

From the anticipation of getting ready, to arriving at the church, to that first married kiss and the celebration and joy after, every wedding I photograph has a special magic that is exclusive to that day.

I love finding the personal touches that make each wedding unique.

In shooting over 50 weddings I still get excited when I capture the perfect moment for each couple.


Why Weddings?

Finding love has changed my life. I was a long time bachelor before I met my (now) wife and joined her and her two kids in a new family. We've since added two more to our brood and I can't get over how meaningful it feels to be surrounded by love every day. From the morning snuggles to the little arms around my neck to the wrestling and laughter, I love documenting the day you and your partner begin your family together knowing that your love will only grow and flourish together.

Official Bio

Andrew Parfenov is a Twin Cities based wedding photographer. With over ten years experience in the industry, his work has taken him across the country including features in Marie Claire UK and Vogue UK. He was born and grew up in Rostov, Russia, immigrating to the US in 2001. He has photographed more than 50 weddings and is known for his signature dramatic lighting style.